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To empower you to achieve the right combination of nutrition, exercise, and attitude. The challenge most people face is lack of motivation. Our solution is to help you find focus and clarity in your wellness plan. 

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The six things that happen when you meet Fernando FitPro


Building Strength

Learn exercise combinations, arrangements, and variables.


Learning On The Go

Keep training and keep learning until you get it right. You’re never too old.


Fixing The Mindset

View challenges as opportunities. Take ownership over your attitude and own it.


Improve Your Lungs

Learn diaphragmatic breathing and exercises to increase lung capacity.


Flexible Maneuvers

Keep your muscles flexible, strong, healthy and maintain full range of motion in your joints.


Great Heart Pace

Improve your performance, avoid over-training, and track your fitness.


Private Personal Training

Unique motivation, goals, thinking, and actions to help you transform your mind and body.

Online Personal Training

A personalized plan to empower you and help you get control of your health and fitness level.

What our wellness warriors say

Training with Fernando has made fitness fun, less intimidating, and has motivated me to hit my goals. He adjusts his program to my needs whether it is extra encouragement, a kick in the pants, or time to rest. Fernando is very knowledgeable and helped me tremendously to build new routines around health and wellness.

Keir Jones

Fernando is a fantastic personal trainer who is both talented and passionate about what he does. He takes the time to assess your current condition and help you build and achieve a fitness plan in a healthy way. I injured my wrist and needed to find a personal trainer who could help me achieve my fitness goals while re-habilitating an injury. I have learned a lot and feel that I am now building on a better fitness foundation. It is really nice to have the one-on-one attention and I think you get a much better work out when you are being guided by someone who can make sure you are doing everything correctly and that you are pushing yourself in a healthy way. I highly recommend him. Thank you for all your help Fernando!

Thomas-Michael Dileva

It's been wonderful working out with Fernando. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness, whether it be establishing my target heart rate or eating a healthy diet. Last week I was visiting my family in Canada and everyone told me how great I looked. I’ve lost 25 lbs and have so much more energy, all this success due to the custom fitness program I’ve received with Fernando. He is absolutely dedicated to his clients. He’s always professional and enthusiastic with everything we do. His attitude is positive while helping me reach my fitness goals. I had led a very sedentary lifestyle and as a result I developed type two diabetes. Now, my diabetes is almost completely dissipated. The medications that I’ve been taking have been reduced by 90%. My diabetes is in remission. Sign up with Fernando! He will change your life, as he has done with mine!

Frank Boychuck

At 53 I was just walking and swimming but it just wasn’t enough. I work a sedentary office job. I was losing my stamina fast. My balance was fading as well. So, I chose Fernando FitPro as my personal trainer. After 3 months with Fernando FitPro, my stamina is back in full swing. I have much more endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. I needed that extra motivation and personal attention to get back in shape and Fernando does that for me. He focuses on my stamina, core strength and balance. He also helps me with my nutrition and motivation. I still have a way to go but the clock has been turned back for me. Thanks Fernando!

Bob Cabeza

I started training with Fernando FitPro in a desire to lose some of the fat around my gut, to gain back some flexibility in my hips and generally to feel better about myself. What I achieved with Fernando’s help was far more than this! Working out at his personal gym with free weights and various bodyweight exercises and then following some recommended home routines, my overall strength and fitness improved so much in a short space of time that I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. Each workout has been tailored to my needs, so I could achieve exactly what we had discussed. I have learned a lot from Fernando, in an atmosphere where he is tough (in the sense of not letting my whiny excuses prevent me from pushing into and through the pain of transforming my body) and also open to discussing ways to work with my “temporary” flexibility limitations. His encouragement, dedication and persistence to get me to push myself far exceed any experiences I have had with previous fitness trainers. Fernando is high energy, enthusiastic, committed and most important a warm, caring individual who walks his talk…and I feel fortunate to have found such an incredible resource to help me live a healthier, happier and fitter life! If you have made the decision to change your life now for the better, trust me….Fernando FitPro will help you make it happen.

Dr. James Proetz

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free 15 min wellness consultation this month only

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Directly into your inbox every Monday morning.

  • Tips on managing stress
  • Ways to stay motivated
  • How to improve your metabolism
  • Healthy and tasty recipes
  • How to conquer procrastination

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